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The recipes your family loves are an important part of your heritage and a very special gift to preserve and pass along to others. While we each have unique family histories and recipes, what binds us together is the park itself. Worcester County Memorial Park takes great pride in our diversity of families interred at the park. From different races, religions and cultures, our park is rooted in one common bond. Our job is to remember the past and pass on the legacy our ancestors have left behind. This is a place for peace and serenity, and to visit loved ones and shares memories. We want to create something unique for the park and its families by sharing your family’s history and legacy through recipes and food.

  We are creating a Remembrance Cookbook so families can honor and remember their loved ones through food, laughter and love. Our vision is to gather recipes of someone you lost that brings back fond memories and recognize that person, along with other park family members, in our cookbook. But we need your help. We want to share your recipes and memories.

Family recipes tell a story. They are connected to people, places, and special memories

Many families have a special recipe that is beloved by all and handed down by one generation to the next. That recipe is important not only because it tastes good, but also because it brings up warm memories of the relative that created the recipe and the stories that connect to the food.

Within your family, there are likely some foods that always seem to be around on holidays and special occasions. As we head into the holiday season, we hope that you will share your family’s cherished recipe with us, so we can include it in our Remembrance Cookbook.

What recipe takes you back and causes you to reflect on your loved one?

If you are interested in submitting a recipe, please print and fill out the forms below. We are also looking for a picture of your loved one so we can include that in our cookbook.

Please contact Tara or Scott when you are ready to submit your recipe and picture.

Thank you!

Need assistance with creating your submission?  We’re happy to help!

Please contact us with questions or to submit recipes:

Tara Stever: 508-450-9046

Scott LeBlanc: 508-791-0350


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