Prices Includes Our Following Services

  • Family counselors that will go to your home
  • After-care program: visit with those that recently lost someone
  • Office open 7 days a week (6 days in Winter Months)
  • Rest rooms available on site
  • Coffee, tea and cold drinks are available in the office
  • Follow up with work orders and repairs
  • Inform you or your family when a bronze marker comes in and is installed
  • Lead funerals in to the gravesite
  • Year round burials (No winter closures)
  • You may order fresh flowers from our website and we will put on the grave for you
  • Preplan in your own home/prepay/payment plan/no credit check
  • where you can personalize your loved ones webpage with photos and more


  • Free flowers available to pick in designated areas
  • Roads are plowed asap in winter months
  • Clean up and disposal of flowers
  • Full time grounds crew
  • Phone and web based repair order and tracking system


  • What your family should know book –helps you get all your important documents and intentions in order
  • What your family should know about cremation-answers all your questions about cremation
  • Seminars-held at various times throughout the year at different locations; hear from a speaker from the cemetery, a funeral director and an elder care attorney – free to the public
  • Good Grief: social group for widows/widowers meets once per week and scheduled events to help with your grief and loss.  Weekly Social Room allows for board games, card games, socializing.
  • Onsite Chaplain available for graveside services and outside support
  • Grief Support Books for loan for children dealing with loss

Outreach: Senior Spectacular, Home shows, Worcester Business Expo, Umass Memorial Hospital Special Programs: Special Needs, Veterans, Police, Firefighters, EMS Yearly Vigil:  To honor the memories of all those who passed within the year Memorial Day:

  • Free Flags – donations for the flags go to the boy scouts as a fundraiser for them
  • Staff available Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 8 am to 8 pm
  • Complimentary cookout for visitors
  • We will put flags on graves for those that can’t make it to the park, with a phone call request

10.01.2021 Prices subject to change without notice

Infants ages 1 yr and younger can be buried in the Garden of Angels section at no cost. Garden of Angels is reserved for only children or grandchildren of property owners at this time due to limit availability

Newly Developed Property Starting at $2,750 per space.

Historic Sections Please Call the Office for Current Pricing

Family Estates, Private Estates, Engineered Locations Options Available Per Individual Pricing

Property Purchased Through Our Office After 06.01.2016 Includes Burial Rights for Up To Four Cremations *

Mausoleum Prices

 Heritage I Single Full Burial $13,000
 Heritage II Single Depth Full Burial $13,000
 Single Cremation Niche $4,495
 Single Double Cremation Niche

Single Double Cremation Niche




Vault Pricing Vault Prices Include Installation Charge:  Currently $350 Vault: Concrete, Rebar Reinforced, Tongue in Groove, Asphalt Sealed Lip

Traditional Standard Size 30″$1,250
Cremation Standard Size:  Inner Dimensions 10.5″ x 10.5″$200
Cremation Oversized: Price Vary by Size+$250

In addition to our already completed Gardens we also offer additional pre-planning options for cremation and traditional burial.  These options can save a considerable amount of money when pre-planned.  The options do change quite frequently based on what our families are asking and how best we can help.  For most up to date prices and options on these programs please contact us at 508-791-0350 or submit a request here