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gardencrossA picturesque, quiet old New England community. Right in the heart of the state, Paxton is centrally located, rural in character and not affected by industry and the turmoil of the city, yet it is easily accessible from all points in Worcester County and the surrounding areas. It is for these reasons that we chose this serene, pastoral setting nearly a half century ago.

Visitors, upon first entering Worcester County Memorial Park, quickly notice that there are no walls, fences, gates or chains. The park is open at all times, with never a period, day or night, when a family member or friend cannot visit the final resting place of a loved one. Apparent, too, is the absence of traditional monuments and tombstones found in most other cemeteries. At Worcester Country Memorial Park, the various sections are known as “Gardens”, and the atmosphere of each distinct one has been created by thoughtfully combining flowing lawns, tasteful plantings, stately statues and ground-level memorials.