Bronze Restoration Service

Our newest program and service we are offering at the park is our Bronze Restoration Program.  When years go by and the bronze paint lacks the luster some families have asked about getting them refinished.  Our only option of the past was removing the marker and sending it back to the manufacturer.  This would mean the bronze would be gone for weeks or months and cost close to $1,500.  We are now able to do this in house for substantial savings and time to you.  We also have the ability to re sculpture dings and scratches on a case by case basis.

The process works like this;

First the bronze is removed from the site and brought to our maintenance facility.  From here is is dismantled from the granite base.

It is then sand and soda blasted in order to remove all the old paint and debris.  This gets the bronze down to its natural look.
Then we apply multiple layers of paint to the bronze, which covers the whole surface.

Now it is on to the detailed buffing and hand work.  Each raised area is carefully buffed and scorned to bring our the detail work of the sculpting
Then a few layers of coating and sealant to keep the shine.
A new set of mounting hardware, reset onto the granite foundation and installed back at the grave.  And brand new bronze!!

The Spring 2023 pricing starts at $350 and goes up by size.