Decorating Guidelines

Special Arrangement Baskets 2020

Spring Clean Up:  March 15th (Weather Permitting)

04/09 – 04/19

Mothers Day
05/07 – 05/17

Memorial Day
05/17 – 06/07

Fathers Day
06/17 – 06/28

Winter Baskets
11/15 – 03/15

SPECIAL OCCASIONS 10 DAYS *Just visit the office for special stake*

No Glass or Sharp Objects Allowed At Anytime

Decorating Guidelines

The large American flags presented to the family of a veteran at the veterans funeral are accepted by Worcester County Memorial Park, to be flown in the veterans honor in the Garden of Honor. Since we can not return the flags due to wear and tear from the elements, we will present the veterans family a beautiful family heirloom Bible as a replacement. Each Memorial Day weekend, the Park offers free flags to visitors so that they may decorate the graves of anyone, veteran and non-veteran alike.

No Planting of any Kind Please and Dogs are Not Allowed.

Fresh flowers are welcome, though we do not allow artificial flowers.  In June to September, however, the Park designates a special area where visitors can pick fresh flowers (check with the office for directions). 

On special occasions, such as a birthday or an anniversary, if you would like to leave a special arrangement on the grave, please inform the office, so that we may inform our grounds crew to leave the display on the grave for one week.

Potted plants, baskets, flag holders and flags are allowed during listed dates.  As a courtesy to our lot owners, flags are available Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend, at the office for placement during this period.

On November 1st, you may leave winter decorations that can stay throughout the season. An announcement will be made in the Worcester newspapers and this web site (usually sometime in March) to pick up your display so we may begin our annual spring clean-up.

On occasion, we may post information notices on the grounds. If you have any questions or concerns about these notices or the guidelines listed above, please feel free to contact:

Brian Killelea
General Manager

(508) 791-0350 

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