Preserving & Honoring Memories

Interment Options

Through all manner of weather, the Worcester County Memorial Park is ready to serve you in your time of need. We have never canceled a burial, and we try to accommodate every request with the warmth and consideration you have come to expect in our 55 years serving Greater Worcester County.

Ground Interment

Ground interment is probably the most common form of burial when one thinks of a cemetery. Ground burial is most commonly side by side and is available in single, double, and family estates.  Single ground burial spaces can be used for 3 or 4 cremations depending on purchase date and availability, or regular burial with 2 to 3 cremations on top of the original burial.  Families have been re-using burial spaces of parents and grandparents for their children.  (Authorizations Required). 

Lawn Crypts

Lawn crypts are often referred to as the “underground mausoleums.” The lots are situated on a raised area of land, where both single and double depth crypts are pre-installed in the ground. The already installed vaults eliminate the need to purchase one at the time of interment.


The first mausoleum was created in 353 B.C. by Queen Artemisia in the ancient city of Halicarnassus (now southwestern Turkey.) The tomb was built to hold the remains of her late husband, King Mausolus. The word “Mausoleum” was taken from the king’s name and the first one is regarded as the 5th ofThe Seven Wonders of The World. We offer both single and double casket and cremation options for mausoleum burial. The entombments are placed inside the crypt space, which is then sealed with a concrete panel and a granite front is attached to the outside. When mausoleum burial is selected you eliminate the need to purchase a vault or a bronze headstone. In most cases, the mausoleum is comparable to ground burial in regards to costs. Our Heritage II Mausoleum features both cremation and traditional entombment. 
Cremation Options

Prices for all three types of arrangements, ground interment, lawn crypts, and mausoleums, vary depending on location and number of spaces required. Over 90% of our clients have chosen prearrangement because:

  1. It makes sense.
  2. They like what we offer.
  3. Its so affordable.